We have a dedicated detailing team allowing us to achieve fast turn arounds whilst working on multiple projects. Our detailers operate in CAD software allowing us to easily export data for the use drill-lines and Plazma Cutters whilst also creating detailed reports of components and materials ultimately increasing efficiency and minimising wastage.

Construction Expertise and planning

With the small experienced team at Weldlok we are exposed and understand the process of delivering a structural steel package from the start to finish.This knowledge allows us to engage with the main contractor, client, engineer or architect at a planning stage to assess the feasibility or foresee the issues that may arise in a specific project. These meetings may look at possible cost savings, staging of the project, or the logistics of transportation and erection.


Weldlok has three workshops fully operational with overhead gantry cranes allowing us to fabricate projects of all sizes. Throughout the workshop we run a production line system where each worker is reasonable for task whether his be cutting, welding or assembling members, this type of job specialization gives greater accuracy and increased productivity.

Steel Fabrication Certification (SFC) is a certification scheme to ensure participating steel fabricators and component manufacturers have the capability to manufacture product to the requirements of AS/NZS 5131 (Structural Steelwork – Fabrication and Erection). SFC provides procurers and specifiers with not only greater certainty of product quality, but that they are dealing with a company who has proven procedures and personnel that, together, represent international best practice.

SFC's focus is on quality assurance and reducing risk for procurers and specifiers. As with many construction materials, the current compliance regime for structural steelwork relies, for the most part, on self-inspection and self-certification. But this approach is dependent on the expertise, ethics and quality systems of the fabricator, and on the knowledge and expertise of engineers and welding inspectors to assess if the steel supplied is compliant.

Site Erection

Weldlok has two full time rigging crews that are capable of erecting structures of all sizes. The site crews consist of qualified riggers, crane operators and onsite welders working with well two cranes and four boom lifts.

With close co-ordination between the workshop and office staff, we look minimise errors and increase onsite productivity to meet deadlines. 

Health & Safety

Health and safety is paramount to the way we operate here at Weldlok. It is a priority to ensure that we operate in a safe manner to minimise and prevents injuries happening in the workplace. In doing so we have implemented health and safety procedures comply with the Health and Safety Act and furthermore ensure the safety of both our staff and others.